Jasmine’s Fable

So Jasmine made a short fable in school that I just think is incredible. She and I have been talking lately about being true to who God made us to be and the assignment gave her the option to make her own fable and this is what she came up with…tear lol!

Once upon a time there was a little puppy. This puppy wanted to be friends with everybody. No matter how hard the little puppy tried, nobody would notice her. So this little puppy had her own method. She would try to be like everyone else. Now the little puppy was told to be her self, and to that she would say “I am being myself… so I shouldn’t have to worry!” Deep down the little puppy knew she wasn’t being true to herself. The little puppy wanted friends so bad she just had to make a few changes. And the everything would be okay. It didn’t go as planned. This little puppy tired to be like a The big strong bears. The little puppy was too soft to be like the big strong bears. So the little puppy moved along to the next animal the bull, the bull loved sports. So little puppy thought she would try sports. The little puppy wasn’t fast enough or tall enough or big enough. So the little puppy moved on to the next animal the Bird. This little bird was very smart. The little puppy tired to be like her. The little bird made the little puppy feel bad about her lack of knowledge. And everything she was taught. The little puppy had enough! She was tired of trying to be like everyone else. So the puppy knew she wasn’t strong like the bear, because she wanted to treat everyone with love and kindness. The little puppy knew she wasn’t athletic like the Bull because she simply didn’t enjoy being hot and running all over the place. The little puppy knew a thing or two but she wasn’t as smart as the little bird and it just didn’t suit her. But what the little puppy did know is that was she creative, she had a big imagination and she love to be free to express herself. So she did that. And to the little puppies surprise everybody loved the little puppy just the way God made her. And even if the didn’t like everything she did. It was okay! The little puppy loved being the way God made her and the little puppy never tried to be like anyone else ever again. The End. 

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