God continues to be faithful

Earlier this month Dion’s dad returned from Germany after being gone for about 4 years. He was kind enough to let us borrow his truck while he was gone. Earlier this month his dad came back and got his truck, so we are down to one car. So we prayed and asked God to provide us with a reliable car within our price range so that we won’t take on more debt. Yesterday, we found a car within our budget and it is far better on gas mileage than any car we ever owned!! Which is wonderful considering that Dion drives 60 miles round trip to work 5 days a week! We are hoping to hear from the seller sometime today, and hoping to have another car by the end of the week!
We are continually in awe of God’s mercy and faithfulness to us. We want nothing more than His glory to shine in our lives!

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Silly Summer Outakes

As summer has come to a close and we realize cold weather is approaching we take a minute to remember some of the silly and emotional days of summer.Goodbye warm weather….we hardly knew you…

This is Dion and I. He’s giving us the Zoolander pose. Leave it to Dion to make the picture “unique.

Jasmine Fell down and hurt her knee at the park. Not even the idea of being of camera could make her perk up. How sad….

This is Dion and the kids with their best “silly faces”.

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