Newell Nation: are we alone?

Have you ever desired so strongly to love God that it almost hurts? Or have had days were your thoughts were consumed with how to please the Father? I desire so much for my family to be salt and light. For my boys and I to display biblical manhood. For my girls and wife to display biblical womanhood. For my house to serve the Lord. As I study the bible for answers to questions surrounding challenges related to raising a family I also look to other families who are whole heartily serving the Lord. I must admit there aren’t many that I have seen that I want to model my family after. My search lead me to discovery of a movement of Christians who were following what I call “God’s blueprint for family revealed to Dion” appropriately abbreviated as:

“Go.Blu.Fo.Fa.Re.To.Dion”. ..

  • calling father’s to be leaders, providers, preachers, and protectors
  • calling mothers to the highly exalted and coveted position of help mate and home caretaker
  • calling parents to be spirtual models, mentor, teachers, and parnters with God while He calls the hearts of our children
  • And finally and most importantly be willing to submit and surrender thier plans and philosphies to include career, finances, dreams, dress, relationships, family size, everything to perfect will of God.

I later realized my revaltions about God’s blueprint for family is very close to Biblical Patriarchy – ever heard of it? (Found here – 

There is a network of families who have all joined an “institute” which very closely aligns with the aforementioned “revelations” (“Go.Blu.Fo.Fa.Re.To.Dion”). They are looking to establish effective providers, proclaimer of God’s truth, loving marriages, and wise parents.  This is all done through home education and networking with other families striving to do the same. Sound likes a perfect fit right?  There is an admittance process which request that each family not listen to secular or christian music with repetitious structure or watch more than 5 hours of T.V. a week. They say most TV viewing destroys the purpose for home education. There are other requirements or strong suggestions which are all well meaning but are simply not scriptural in my opinion. But there’s other elements my family embraces. As an example we limit T.V. watching for similar reasons but it’s not the law. Some days after a exhausting week of kids, homeschool, work, and missionary stuff we have a “do nothing day” aka day of rest and simply get under the blanket and get caught up on some of our families favorite shows.

So it answers the question that we are not alone on the journey to serve the Lord while hosting the the flag of Biblical Patriarchy..but it sounds like this group has added some additional laws. Not quite for us but we will continue to pray that God will knit us together with other God Fearing families who will encourage, love, and support us as we do the same for them.

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