Zapata’s paint the night away

We didn’t expect help today but the Zapatas decided to come and help paint. There help was very timely! I made a schedule in hopes of being moved in by Nov 7 and there’s no way I could’ve meet the goal for today without them. They also brought dinner. What incredible people they are!! God is good and so are His people. Thank you for the love!

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Candy Night!

So we talked about how to be missional on halloween the weeks before but ended up knee deep in moving so all we did was eat a bunch of candy! I put several bags of candy in a bucket, had the kids form a circle, and passed it around the kids while there eyes were closed. They each picked out one piece of candy until the bucket was almost empty. It was cheesy but kids didn’t care..they ate CANDY!

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FIrst furniture goes in

First piece of furniture goes into Maple!

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Window World @ Maple

Window World installed some beautiful windows in the basement and second floor. Another step closer! We were told initially that windows would go in Nov 9! We prayed this would be done before inspection next week and sure enough God delivered!

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Newell Nation Baby Shower

Ladies weren’t able to play any of the games at Rhonda’s surprise shower so we took those, added a few games of our own, and held a shower at home. We played a blindfolded diaper changing, baby dressing game. The little kids were teamed with a blindfolded big kid. The littles were supposed to give instructions to the bigs. That was a riot. We played a diaper smelling game. Several diapers were loaded with smashed chocolate actually looked like poo but smelled like candy. Really played with the mind and made it difficult to guess the candy. The kids also had to guess Rhonda’s belly size with yellow ribbon. Last game was eating and guessing the mystery baby food. Team Caleb and Jada won the night!

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Marvina Making Cookies!

Marvina came for the weekend to visit with Rhonda. It was a nice seeing her. We love her very much and it’s not just because she makes wonderful cookies!! She also blessed with some wonderful knowledge about God’s design for his church. Just a reminder that until Jesus returns the church as beautiful as she is at times can have some issues. And we all have different parts to play…so churches focus on different things. I am still working through those comments but I understand what she is saying. We both believe scriptures calls every believer to disciple and share the gospel!


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Surprise Shower for Rhonda!

Leia and Tedee held a surprise shower for Rhonda. Rhonda is so loved and makes me feels so good to see my wife being love on. God is so good and He is Love! It was also so awesome because Marvina had planned to come into town some time ago and it worked where she was able to be here for the surprise shower.

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Carson and Clinton Adoption Day

We finally made it to the day of Carson and Clinton’s adoption. The court hearing was really short. Even though this is our third adoption I’m still surprised at how short the hearing is to adopt children. Judge says will you take care of ’em. We say yes. He says alright there yours! I pray that God enables us to raise these boys the way He wants us to.

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Nana and Uncle Donald Visit Maple

Nana and Uncle Donald come visit Maple. Didn’t think they’d make it to top floor but they did : )


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