Letters to Jesus

Homeschool assignment: Letters to Jesus.

Chris (14)
Dear Jesus, 

It’s me Christopher and I am writing to ask a question. Why would you leave such a good place like heaven and come to a corrupted place like earth? I soon figured out the answered and I’m very thankful that you would go on the cross just to die for everyone in the world and including the people that weren’t even born yet. I hope I can not make this go in vain. Thank Jesus thank you. 

Cam (13)
I feel SUPER thankful and happy that Jesus died for everyone. Even for the people who hate or don’t like Jesus. He left an absolutely perfect Heaven to live on this terrible Earth for 30+ years. He took ALL the sin from everybody and put it on himself. Even as He was dying and and people were saying mean things about him He asked God to forgive them. Jesus is SOOO awesome. Even though he said only God is good. Jesus is super humble. I can’t say enough things to show how thankful I am for Him. He gave everybody a chance to go live in heaven with him and God.

                                                                                      I am very thankful for Jesus!

Jada (12)
Thank you Jesus for dying for me. Im so thankful that you died for me not knowing  if I would every love you back. And im so so so  thankful that you gave your life for me.

Jasmine (15)
I couldn’t believe it. Why would anyone die for me? I’ve never heard about the Hero dying for the villain. Honestly it’s hard to believe somebody would do that for me. I can’t imagine what it was like to leave a perfect home. He left his perfect home to come down for a world that wouldn’t love him. I always feel like the outcast. I cannot imagine how Jesus felt. I don’t know how love can get any more real than that. Honestly I owe him a lot. Another quality that Jesus has is that he gave us mercy and grace and he asked for nothing in return. So the least I could do is love serve and obey him. I guess what I want to say is thanks. I don’t deserve it but that’s how much you love me. And for that I am grateful. 

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A Report Cam wrote about mom.

This is a report about my mom.
My mom (Rhonda) was born on January 6 1981 in Memphis Tennessee. She was on the Navigation team and Gun team. She was also in the “All City Choir” which is a place for kids who have the best voices in the city it was quite obvious that Rhonda had some singing talent. Some would even say she had a ”Pleasant” voice. But when she turned 13, her parents got divorce.
Life already wasn’t easy for her and her parents getting a divorce made it even harder. Her and her sibling went from place to place staying with whoever would take them. Her older sister, Tardenisha just finished working for the military. But when she saw that Rhonda needed somewhere to stay she stepped in. She stayed with the military, adopted Rhonda and her siblings.
They stayed in Louisiana. That was the first time Rhonda lived in a real house. But they only lived there for about a year until the were moved to Alabama. She was in the ROTC in Louisiana and in Alabama. She liked it because she wanted to play with guns(basically). When she was in Alabama she tried out for “Up With the People” which is a group that sings and dances. Something that she always wanted to do. But she met Dion and decided to give up singing and dancing for him.
They both went to the military and decided to get married. They lived in Japan on a military base and had their first kid Jasmine. Then they had Me, Camiryn. And then We moved to D.C.
And the Rhond had Jada. And then we moved to Missouri and adopted a lot of kids. Rhonda wanted to adopt because her sister adopted her. So she did. First she adopted two kids named Christopher and Caleb. And then she adopted some more kids named Cruz, Cater, and Johonna. And then some more named Clinton and Carson. She also fostered 10 kids. Then she moved to St Louis to do missionary work. And then she got pregnant and had a baby named Canon.

She still is doing missionary work  In St Louis.

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