Friday Blog(4)

A few days ago, I finished one of the greatest shows if all time.


A show about people who crash land on a very strange island. At first, they’re just trying to find a way to get of they island but as soon as they get of they get of the island, they try to get right back because the island needs them. Which is kinda weird because Islands usually don’t have feelings. But in this show they do. It would take me way too long to try an explain the show because it is a very complex show. Bottom line, I really liked the show. But I finished all 6 seasons. Now I have a show hole the size of of a very large show hole.

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Dear Futureself

Dear Future self,

This is actually the first time in 3 years that I’ve actually wrote in a long time. But I just wanted to ask you how life is treating us. Are we still in contact with some of our family members even though we have that “Problem”? Do I actually get married and adopt or am I single? What I really want to know is….. Did we get the job we wanted? I really hope you read this when you’re older and maybe you could answer some of my questions.


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The Past, Present and Future


Nostalgia,  that’s word that comes to mind. At one point everything was different(Better or Worst) the past is something familiar, something to hold on too, when growing up get’s rough. Or something to encourage you to move forward and to never look back.


We’re all here living in the moment, changing, learning, hustling. Everything seems so important, relevant at the time.  But the end of the day,  a day is just another day.  It is simply the present.


The future isn’t promised to everyone. It seems out of grasp at times, but sometimes it’s right around the cornor. Some people see the future as a bad thing. Some people see it as a chance. Most people have high expectations for the future, not even knowing that the future depends on them.

You’re always one decision from changing your life.” – Unknown 


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today is a good day

from Facebook

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Freedom Arts Summer Camp

So for the past week me, and two of my other siblings have been going to a Summer Camp. It was hosted by Freedom Arts and for the pas week we have been taught to make cool beats, Crochet, Graffiti and we even played some intruments and learned Superstition. The camp was better then I expected. I made new friends and learned things I didn’t think I was capable of learning so that was also a cool experience.

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Changing with the times

Finally becoming sixteen has shown me that life isn’t always gonna go the way you think it’s gonna go. This morning my family and I watched all of our home videos,  and just a wave of nostalgia hit me. SO much has changed in this short period. Connections lost or gained, Pepole come and go, there’s so much change. And you don’t even realize how much change is going on until you look back. Change isn’t always a bad thing, Sometimes it can be a great thing. It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? How much we’ve changed, how much we’ve grown. Change is odd in its own way. I just hope I stay true no matter what circumstance.

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Why my life is not lame

My life isn’t lame because we get to go on fun trip. One of the trip we went on was Tennessee. And when we got there got on a helicopter went to the pool. And saw beautiful  mountains. And went to the upside down house and did a bunch of fun stuff.

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Friday Blog(3)

The Warriors won the series 4-1. The Cavs managed to squeeze one win in game four with some record breaking basketball. They scored 49 points in the FIRST QUARTER. Not half. Quarter! That’s not easy to do. usually teams score around 50 point by halftime. They did that in one quarter. By halftime they had 86 points and finished the game with 137. They broke tons of records that game. Mostly because they refs rigged the game. There were several calls on the Warriors that were insanely bad. But they ended up getting a ring the next game so it doesn’t matter that much. Kevin Durant was the Finals MVP and got his first ring.


Congratulations KD.



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So a good friend and I are determined to make a comic, about a cute nerdy girl named Zora. However, life has other plans. Not saying that this isn’t gonna happen. This is my life dream after all. The only problem is I have NO clue what I’m doing. T . T But I know It just takes time and effort and a lot on my part especially my part since I am the illustrator. I just hope I can do it. I remember when I was younger and how much I wanted to make a comic. And now I have a chance. I just hope I don’t blow it.

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My Beloved Parents.

So I didn’t know what to write down today but thanks to my Dad I have something so Mom and Dad if you’re reading this I hope you like it.
Mom, I want to thank you for putting up with me for the last 8 years. I know me and Caleb must’ve been a riot. (Caleb I mean. Cause I’m an Angel right 😇?)  Anyways just thanks for being there and encouraging me…… wear Dad Jeans!

Whatcha gotta say now mother? You proud?

Dad, I want to thank you for helping me through all that’s been happening for the past months. I would like to thank you for being the Father figure a son could ever have. Making funny jokes and looking strange in your hairdos. You’re a good person to look up to. Sometimes when I’m in situations and you’re not around I always say “What would Dad do?”  Like when I’m trying to choose between Mac and cheese with spam or Ramen. “What would Dad do?”  I’d just eat them both.

And Mom i was looking for memes to post on here and i think this is you 

and also this one too 

I think that’ll be it for me today.


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