S/o to It Takes a Village

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s/o to It Takes a Village. Our youngest child is so near and dear to us, is so special, and loved by all but we needed just a little time away from him. It Takes a Village helped us feel comfortable with the hard decision to leave our innocence, utterly dependent little one in their highly capable hands. We called 1 hour into our date expecting to hear chaos but to our surprise we could hear our little guy gleefully singing in the background. For a moment I considered going back because I thought maybe he felt abandoned and was already coping with a very a grim situation. Somehow the staff at It Takes a Village could sense my despair and put our sweet little boy on the phone. And then I heard him say “Hi Daddy”…..It is well, it is well with my soul then became the anthem of my heart. Well done It Takes a Village…Well Done! I now speak to the parent who lives in the tension between believing only you can provide adequate care for your child but you know you need some time away. There is a solution and that solution is It Takes a Village Child Care service. Come taste and see that this is good!!

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Friday Blog(5)

In a few days I will be playing my second year of tackle football with The Panthers. I got a little more experience and little more size. Here are my stats from last year:

6 Games
2 Catches                                                                                                                                 17 Receiving Yards
1 Receiving 2-point conversion
9 Carries
67 Rushing Yards
2 Rushing Touchdowns
2 Rushing 2-point conversions

Not the greatest stat-line out there but I mostly played CB so offense wasn’t really my main thing(I wasn’t a good CB either though lol). Overall last year was a learning year for me. I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to do this season. Here are my predictions on what I think my season stats will look like at the end of the year:

6 Games                                                                                                                                 10 Catches                                                                                                                             55 Receiving Yards                                                                                                             2 Receiving Touchdowns                                                                                                 45 Carries                                                                                                                           160 Rushing Yards                                                                                                               2 Rushing Touchdowns                                                                                                   1 Interception

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So I think it was a week ago me, my Dad and my brother Camiryn played Monopoly on the Xbox. At first it was going horrible for me and Camiryn. My Dad kept making it hard for us. And we’d lose our money to him every single time we landed on one of his places. There was even one time I thought I was going to lose all my money cause I had like 123 dollars left. But then something happen and the board saw something wonderful in me and decided to help me when the game. Every time I rolled the dice I’d pass one of Dad’s place that had red houses one them. (Red Houses help increase the price that a player has to pay. I had to pay like 1010 dollars if I landed on it) Camiryn on the other hand didn’t have such luck and it got him bankrupt. It was just me and Dad left and I had gained enough money to get myself a red house. Once my father landed on it he had to pay me 1050 and I just kept getting richer and passing by all his red houses. He’d get fustrated sometimes and once he landed another time on my place with a red house he just got tired of it and was going to forfeit until Camiryn came to help Dad win.(Even though he didn’t stand a chance)
Anyways I won’t get into a lot of detail of what happened but most of the time Camiryn kept begging me for money to pay me back every single time he landed on one of my places with the Hotels on them. Soon I got tired of this and snatched the remote out of his hand and had him press bankrupt. He was like at 63 dollars and I was at 3000 and I was not going to be here all day going back and forth. So I won but if you hear from Camyrin he’ll say that he won and I forfeited. Which was not the case.

Looking back at all I wrote I realized I should’ve wrote more. It’s all like 356 words and for stories I write like 1000 or more. But I won’t brag about it. Anyways Monopoly is always turning your family or friends against you. I don’t think Camiryn or Dad will play with me again.

It’s what Monopoly does and will continue doing for a very long time.

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New Story Project

So I didn’t really have anything to write on Friday cause there was nothing I could think of that really happened that week besides the camp thing in our neighborhood park. Anyways I’ve had so many story ideas and they mostly didn’t go that far.  But I have faith in this new story idea. The Outcasts. Now I might change the title but for now it’s going to be The Outcasts. The story is a marvel fanfiction. It’s takes place in like 2020 and that’s when people decide to get rid of Inhumans and if a person awakens his or her powers somehow they will be taken away to a hidden facility. Child, Teen, Adult or even a baby. No Inhuman is safe during this time. During this time 7 teenagers awaken there powers during random times. Logan, Chloe, Conner, Brice, Claire, Olivia and River. But somehow they escaped and are on the run. But they are rejected now by the human race. The are the Outcasts.

Now if you know me, you know that I’m bad at explaining things the right way but this is me at my best. Anyways I’m really loving the way this book is going and can’t wait to actually get started.  I guess that’s all I have for now. I think I might even post a draft of my first chapter on here. *Thinks about it* Nah.

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Top Ten Songs

10. Way Down we Go By. Kaleo

9. Nothing Left By. David Dunn

8. Unsteady By. X Ambassadors

7.  Counting Stars By One Republic

6. Pompei By. Bastille

5. Handclap By. Fitz and the Tantrums

4. Take it All Back By. Judah and the Lion

3. Human By. RagNoBone

2. Believer By. Imagine Dragons.

  1. ??? By. ???
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