Friday Blog(8)

Today I learned I will never be good at basketball. Literally every single time I make a shot is pure luck. I posses no basketball skills whatsoever. It’s very obvious that the Lord did not bless me with the talent of putting a ball in a hoop.  I have a wildly inconsistent jumpshot, no ball handling skills, no layup skills, bad defense — If I was a player on NBA2K my overall would be 0 and I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve been playing basketball for years and I’ve made little to no progress at all. I could go on and on about how bad I am at basketball but I think you get the point. It’s upsetting because I put so much time into getting better at it and instead of getting better, I’ve made pretty much no progress at all. So I’ve decided to stop wasting my time playing basketball and working on something that actually matters. I might play it every once in a while if someone needs a person to run a game but other then that I’m not playing it anymore. I’m not a quitter, I’m just not a finisher(when it comes to playing basketball).


EDIT: Okay, I might have been a little dramatic. I’m not actually that bad at basketball and I’m not done playing it.

cuz i aint never lost a game of 1v1 and im the greatest player to ever play the game

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Grow up

Okay, so uh I’ve forgotten to write, and I was like oh shoot I forgot to post. I was gonna write something important (hence the title) and I have quite a few things to worry about. Long story short I have to “adult” sooner than I’d like too. So to forget all of my worries here is a video of a man falling into a cranberry field.

Thank you, Mr. Cranberry man for making me forget all of my worries (Even if it was only for 13 seconds)

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My Interesting Week

So a few months ago I started watching this anime called Assassination classroom.

I loved this show so much. I got way to connected with the characters too. Anyways I was nearing the end and was watching the last few episodes and I almost wanted to yell or flip something over when some of my favorite characters died. Especially Koro-Sensei.(The Yellow Octopus in the back) I wish that the show didn’t have to end but it did. THE SHOW ONLY HAD 2 SEASONS! I was mad that I had to move on. I was lied to by my friends. Beth said that it was a great show, Edward loved the funniness and Lucine was confused about what we were talking about. I now know the pain of seeing the greatest man alive die.

Later after I finished the show I started watching Naruto. Now I tried to get far in the show but something kept showing up A.K.A the bat! Yeah so we found out there was a bat in our house and it took us about 2 days to capture it cause it kept disappearing. So anyways I’m glad that it’s gone.
OH AND I ALSO FOUND OUT I WASTED 32 BUCKS ON A GAME I GOT FOR 19!!! I bought a game I thought I didn’t have but I did have so that was something I wanted to scream about. I think that I deserve a refund.

OH AND JUST YESTERDAY I WITNESSED MY VERY FIRST SOLAR ECPLISE. Now it was amazing I could even see the outline of the moon as it was passing the sun. It was something I was going to remember forever.


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Friday Blog(7)

Earlier this week, I decided to play the NBA Live 18 demo and it was great! It definitely gave 2K a run for their money. Gameplay wise, 2K has more fluid animations but they also have a lot of annoying ones too. I think 2k has slightly better graphics than Live but Live still looks really good. Live’s face scan is an a whole other level compared to 2K though. They also have a very wide selection of hair styles to choose from, unlike 2K. Live’s music playlist is waaayyy better than 2K’s because they have songs that people actually like. With 2K that is definitely not the case. They haven’t had a good playlist since 2k11. Also Live is cheaper. Live is about 40 dollars and 2k’s cheapest edition is about 60(Their gold edition is 150$). Bottom line, I’ll probably just buy NBA Live instead of NBA2K because live is better and cheaper.

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Friday Blog(6)

Turns out I’ll be getting more minutes then I thought this season. Timothy, one of the players on my team broke his arm. It was easy to tell he was done for the season after looking at it. It looked very painful. So, without him, we’re down to 13 players on the team. His little brother named Titus, plays for our team too. But since he’s on the smaller side his parents are probably taking him out just to be safe. If they do, we’ll be at 12. In football, you must have 11 players on the field. That means we would only have 1 player on the bench at a time. We’ll be very tired.

This season I’ll be playing RB, FB, FS, Special Teams and QB. I’ll probably just be running wildcat plays when I play QB but it’s still a cool brag right. I’m gonna be pretty tired but on the bright side, I’ll be getting more minutes. Next week I will probably talk about our roster and the week after that I’ll probably talk about something not football related because it’s probably boring just reading about my sports life.


(Because why not)

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Random STUFF

Now to tell you the truth when I was little I thought being a teen would be super cool. I see that as I live the life now it isn’t all that I imagined. Sure you get more privileges and added to that is more responsibilities. I also found out I am slowly growing a mustache and a beard. Well you can only see a small part of the beard but I’m pretty sure the mustache is there. Anyways being a teenager isn’t what it seems in the movies. I for one am kinda looking forward to turning 15 but at the same time not really. I really just want to get this year over with. I did not have a good head start. There were somethings that I’ve planned on doing and then other things pop out of no where. But you want to know what I am excited about? VOLTRON SEASON THREEEEE!!!!!


So couldn’t really find the right image for this but I guess this will have to do. I’m a huge Oncer fan. My whole family knows it too. It has everything I ever wanted in a show and so much more. Alright now that’s all I have to put down. Everything I put on this page is random but I’m glad I put it down cause I didn’t have anything else to put here.


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