My Nightmare

I had such a scary dream last night. I was sitting down in a room in front of a computer looking at a video of a guy playing a shooting game or so I thought….. in the video there were 3 guys who ambushed a soldier on a boat and kicked him into the water. They started shooting aswel and then shot the cameras cutting the video short. The scary part was that I was wasn’t watching watching a video, this was live. And I was on that boat in a room. I turned around and the three men were there with a gun pointed to my head. I thought I heard one of them laugh at the look on my face. Before the guy could press the trigger I woke up and the nightmare had ended. You’d think that it was probably not that scary but it was to me.

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So the past week I had been think up multiple stories to write down in my notebook. Two of them I am pouring all my love into. These are both in the DC comic world and I can’t wait to start writing. Right now I’m still in the plotting phase but almost to the writing phase and I’m so pumped.

Titles for the books
Apollo [A DC Comic Story]
The Outcasts (Which is also apart of Dc. It was going to be Marvel but then I thought it’d be cool to kinda have a book where Apollo and The Outcast are like in the same book. I mean who hasn’t had that kind of thought?)

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Book of John

John Chapter 1

John Chapter 2

John Chapter 3

John Chapter 4

John Chapter 5

John Chapter 6

John Chapter 7

John Chapter 8

John Chapter 9

John Chapter 10

John Chapter 11

John Chapter 12

John Chapter 13

John Chapter 14

John Chapter 15

John Chapter 16

John Chapter 17

John Chapter 18

John Chapter 19

John Chapter 20

John Chapter 21

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