Thanksgiving 2018

Tedee, Linda, and Kent, Angela, and Sam joined Newell Nation for Thanksgiving! It was a great time of friends and family!

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Words of a 12 year old

Found this on my laptop today!! This is so funny to me!

Sometimes I fell like things are is unfair my sister(she is four) gets to sleepover but not me I’m 12 years old I’m trusted with watching all 7 kids and taking care of baby but not go over to someone else house! I don’t understand one minuet it’s oh thank you are sooooo responsible then no you’re not allowed to do that! they sometimes treat me like I’m Caleb!!!!!!!! Why I that? I HAVE NO IDEA. Yeah I know some of my bff’s don’t act the way my ‘rents want them too but it’s not like I will not tell what’s going on in my life! I can tell them anything and the Skaggs are trusted and so are there kids know how am I d grandma and then the say sure yeah let’s let the girl we barley trust go with someone else! YES I UNDERSTAND THAT MY SISTER IS A LOT FOR MY GRANDMA BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? Other than say home and do nothing ………..well that is not entirely true but what do I think we are going to do? Well I have no clue sure let her go have fun with the Skaggs so I can’t be there to chaperone her? But you let me watch her at home all I HAVE TO SAY IS REALLY? I am thankful for my privileges that I get but some this seems unfair………..they make seem like I’m going to slow the Skaggs down! That is not true at all will the make up their minds about me……I’m very confused I hope I’ll find the answer soon..


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Dec 23 Psalm 100

Had a dream and was told to preach Psalm 100 on December 23rd. Was also told to preach whatever the current series is in February and March. I woke up and sure enough December 23rd falls on a Sunday. After looking at Psalm 100 I believe it fits well with birth Narrative of Jesus Christ. I’ll have to wait and see if the Lord is also speaking to Pastor Todd.

Follow up: Yep I preached twice in Dec! Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 53 on Dec 23!

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First date without Cade

Went to see Badhaai Ho with I think means congratulations in Indian. Wifey wanted to see it because it was about older couple have a child. Not sure if this is somehow relatable cause I’m only 37. Rhonda is almost 38 so maybe she can understand this a bit better.

Rhonda prepped for this date by buying a ton of baby food for Cade. This was our first date without him. He did great and so did mom. We had a great ride down. We talked about our church and tried to answer question what does it look like to have kids and be on mission for God?

Movie was great. I had popcorn like I always do. We were a little bit late and after the movie was over we realized we were the only non Indian people in the theater. I felt special…like yeah I I’m cool with all people. Anyway there was a ton of cultural things I didn’t get but still enjoyed the movie. I will say there was a care and respect for elders that we don’t have. But there was many times when elders where valued more than wife and kids. Not sure if I agreed with that but I appreciated the attempts to honor elderly. Also seemed like having large family was not idea and there’s season for that in one’s life. And there was a drive to not embarrass ones self or family. Many times though this was too a fault. I wonder how accurate those things are. The final bolloywood dance number was great. Thought interesting that the guys voice was auto tuned. You could hear the American pop and hip hop influence.

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For the People concert

Had a great time at concert! KB wasn’t supposed to be signing autographs and meeting people but there is a great story. Cameron was wanting to see KB so desperately. At the end of the show all the performers came out to sign autographs and meet people. But KB didn’t. It wasn’t his fault and we found out later that he wasn’t feeling well at all. And he also was a special guests on this tour. So we waited around for an hour after the show meeting with all the artist. And since we knew Mike you thought that maybe we could ask him if Katie was going to come out and just see what that conversation led to. As we were waiting for Mike to wrap up with the last few fans I saw the KB was right behind the door. I didn’t courage can’t wait to just go back there and see KB. He want to do that because that would be wrong. So we decided to have a battle of rock-paper-scissors to decide. Of course I won and of course he still backed out. And then Brigette came over and he asked her to pick between heads and tails. And she picked the right one. Cameron’s response was supposed to be that he would go to the door but you still didn’t want to. So he ask Bridget to pick a number between 1 and 40. And she picks 30. And 30 is Cameron’s number. He still didn’t want to go but Bridget was able to talk. So she got up first I followed grab Cameron by the arm to go. As we were walking Danielle Mike’s wife sauce and give me a look like if he knew we should be heading over to the door. I still feel kind of bad. Anyway we got to the door Bridges peek through couldn’t see anything and I went to reach for the door in the door open. I will certain someone was going to open the door and tell us were supposed to be back there but to our surprise KB walk through the door. It was a great move for Cameron. You share the story with KB about what happened and he said well it must have been God’s Providence. Snapped the photo and thanked him for the great show.

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