Another Fable from Cam

Once upon a time there was a puppy named Ruben. Ruben was really good at cooking. had many cooking trophies. He never made a nasty dish. All because of his oven, Awesomeness. Awesomeness knew how to cook, bake, fry, deep fry, microwave, roast, grill, pop, defrost, warm up, smoke, boil, broil, stir, crack, chop–anything that had anything to do with food he could do it with excellence.

It was finally time for the Cooking Championship and it was a matchup between Ruben the puppy and his oven, Awesomeness, vs Kitty the pig and her Toaster, Mike. Kitty was a pretty good at cooking, but was definitely not as good as Ruben. And Mike had a reputation of burning things. Kitty and mike only got to the Cooking Championship because all the judges dropped out when Mike accidentally almost blew up Judges. Multiple times. So, the judges begged Mike and Kitty to leave. But mike wouldn’t leave until he won. So the judges told them they won. When Awesomeness heard this he began to laugh. He knew that It was going to be an easy win.

The contestants had 70 minutes to make a dinner dish. When they started, Ruben made freshly smoked prawns. This was the easiest and simplest dish he could think of. He didn’t want to waste any energy on such easy competition. Kitty and Mike decided to make toast. Even though it wasn’t a dinner meal It was the only thing the Mike could make. So they put some bread in Mike and he got to work.

Awesomeness decided to take a nap but then he remembered the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. He decided to keep cooking the prawns. Unfortunately for Awesomeness, the toxic fumes Mike was cooking with made Awesomeness pass out. Even though he’s an oven. That’s how bad the toxic was. When Ruben finally got Awesomeness to wake up, the prawns had evaporated from the toxic. Ruben tried making another dish but it was too late.

The 70 were over. And one of the judges were ready to judge. The other judges were taken to the vet because of the toxic. The remaining judge escaped before it could get to her. The judge, Juju, wanted to say Ruben and Awesomeness won, but they had no dish. Kitty and Mike accidently made a radioactive dish so the judge couldn’t taste it, but since they actually had a dish they won by default.  

                                                                                       The moral of the story is don’t be prideful because you could                              
                                                                                             possibly be knocked out by toxic waves in the air.

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