Answered Prayers

This week has had many ups and downs like most people living on planet earth. However is been marked with many answers to pray in regards to Maple. Started Monday with bonus being larger than expected (honestly didn’t expect anything…employer splits bonus yearly bonus in half sometimes. I got the half back in the spring but things have been so tough at home that it’s impacted my work. I really expected them to ask for their half back) and IRS check is finally on the way! According to IRS its in the mail 18 Sep. ANSWERED PRAYER!

Scott Skaggs agreed to work on Maple and start this Friday without pay upfront! That helps because we are still hoping to move in before baby is here. ANSWERED PRAYER!!

Also we are working with bank to refi all the high interest personals loans we’ve used to push project alone with Montrell. They wanted to visit for appraisal which we will be ready for in maybe 4 or 5 weeks. We prayed and agreed because maybe we would get a list of items and hoped God would cover our mistakes. Rhonda was worried that they would be so distraught they would just withdraw the whole loan…i don’t know. Well we couldn’t make it in time but Scott was there and provided everything the bank to needed to hear apparently. And the appraiser was familiar with our project already. ANSWERED PRAYER!

Scott also asked for the last bit of material from Montrell and for him to get the tools. He needed by the following Sunday. I hadn’t heard from him for at least two weeks now. I’ve call and texted everyday for the last week. Ask God for help. The Friday before that Sunday Montrell finally calls. We agreed to meet on Saturday. We were polite but it was an awkward meeting and he didn’t have all of our stuff. We are simply letting the offense be done..he did call, give us some stuff, and get his tools. He also is loaning is dumpster. ANSWERED PRAYER!

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