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Friday Blog(3)

The Warriors won the series 4-1. The Cavs managed to squeeze one win in game four with some record breaking basketball. They scored 49 points in the FIRST QUARTER. Not half. Quarter! That’s not easy to do. usually teams score around 50 point by halftime. They did that in one quarter. By halftime they had 86 points and finished the game with 137. They broke tons of records that game. Mostly because they refs rigged the game. There were several calls on the Warriors that were insanely bad. But they ended up getting a ring the next game so it doesn’t matter that much. Kevin Durant was the Finals MVP and got his first ring.


Congratulations KD.



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Friday Blog(2)

My prediction about the Warriors-Cavs series was wrong. As of right now, the Warriors are up 3-0. I kinda feel sorry for Lebron even though I’m not cheering for him. He has absolutely no chance at winning the Finals. Like, Absolutely none. I mean, it is not possible for the Cavs to win the Finals at this point. No chance whatsoever. None. Zero. Just no chance at all. But anything’s possible. Anything expect the Cavs coming back from this deficit. However, it is possible for Warriors to lose the rest of the games. If they actually end up losing the series it would be worst than blowing a 3-1 lead. They would never live that down. I would never forgive them.

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Friday Blog

Yesterday game 1  of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers. And of course, the Warriors won by 22.  It was a pretty effortless win but I’m sure the Cavs will do better next game. I predict the Warriors will win the series 4-2 .

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Friday Blogs(Answering Questions)


1. How old are you and how old do you want to be?

I’m 14 but I would like to be 5 because life was very simple back then. The only problem I had was taking naps.

2. What was the last song you listened to? Why do you like this song?

Horror Piano. I like the song because it sounds creepy. I don’t know why but creepy songs sooth me. I might have a problem.

3. What is your favorite song? Why is this your favorite song?

I love music so I have a lot of favorite songs. But most of my favorite song are made by KB or Aha Gazelle.

4. What is your favorite TV show? What do you like about this show?


5. What was the last show you watched? What do you like about this show?

Lost.  It has a lot of cliffhangers a twist.

6. What is your favorite thing to do?

Playing basketball.

7. Post a pic of a article of clothing or outfit that you think represents your fashion.

8. Favorite Food?


9. Favorite pastime or hobby?

Playing basketball, listening to music, watching Five Nights at Freddy’s or playing NBA2K17(even though that game is SOOOOOO stressful).

10. Besides mom and dad who knows the most about you?

Christopher, Jasmine, and Jada.

11. What is the thing you are most looking forward too?

Dunking on a 10 foot rim this summer.

12. What is the thing you are least looking forward too?


13. Use one word to describe you?


14. Use one word to describe your family?


15. List all of the trendiest words you can?

Lowkey and highkey.

16. List all of the once trendiest words that people should stop saying?

I don’t know any words people should stop saying but people should stop dabbing.

17. At present what is the coolest dance?

Nothing right now but it’s definitely not dabbing.

18. What does Jesus mean to you?

Jesus is my Lord and Savoir to sum it all up.

19. What do you want to be?

I have no idea right now.

20. Where do you want to live in the future?

  1. St. Louis
  2. Chicago
  3. Milwaukee(Because my favorite Basketball team and player is there).


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A new member

Hello everybody.Today we found out a new member was living inside my mom’s belly for 4 weeks!Last night i had a dream that we had a baby girl.Two days ago my mom had a dream that we had a baby girl too.So i think its going to be a girl, but hey only God knows!I LOVE GOD!

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The new Author

Hello everybody! my name is CAMTHEMAN but you can call me CAMTHEMAN for short :).I just recently finished UNGIFTED by Gordon Korman,UNSTOPPABLE by Tim Green and FIRST TEAM by Tim Green as well.All three of them are great books!I’m going to get DEEP ZONE by Tim Green from the library.Lately I’ve been craving Tim Green for some reason.(Duh He makes sports books!)Football camp just ended recently,but it was a great and fun experience:).I’ve been working out since Monday and will continue to until the next football camp comes up, that way when i go back I’ll be better then ever!God has been so great to this family, words cant explain.ILOVE GOD!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                             Well that’s it for now…….Signing out                                                                                                  CAMTHEMAN!

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