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Trying new things

So recently I’ve been thinking about trying new things. Like drawing for instance. I love writing, its like my main hobby. I also love comics and I’ve decided that I want to learn how to make comics. Yes its going to be tough but if I keep practicing I might even be able to join the Dc Comics. But that’s just a dream. Anyways I hope that practicing and making comics would be noticed by the Creators of Dc. Or any comics really.

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The Woods

So over the few days I’ve found this awesome comic book series and what can I say, I LOVE IT!!!

It’s an awesome series I found at the Library. I love it so much and now I got something else to add on my Christmas list :3

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My Christmas List

I’m going to post my Christmas List a little early.

6 Notebooks
Twice Upon a Time (Sequal to Half Upon a time)
Once Upon a Time (Last book of the Half Upon a Time series)
Avatar the last airbender: North and South (Books 1, 2 and 3)
Call of Duty: WWll
and I think that’s about it. I mean mostly writing supplies, some books and a video game. I think I forgot something else but I’ll remember it soon.

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The Good Place

So we started watching this hilarious show called the Good Place and it’s a great show. Basically about what happens when you die and what heaven would look like. I guess that half the reason why my Dad wanted us to watch the show. To see how they think a Heaven or Hell would be like?

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5 Books I plan on making in the future

So I’ve been making plots for my up coming 5 books and it’s all coming together. They are all Dc comic stories and just thinking about it gets me excited. Ok so this is how it goes. I got Apollo and The Outcasts who will get two books each then there will be a crossover book when both of my Characters will team up in this awesome book and then Imma go on from there. But I only got 5 books planned and if it goes well there will be more. I didn’t really have anything to write so I just put this.

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Destiny 2

Now as you guys may know a awesome game came out last month. Destiny 2! I completed the game in three days cause of all my free time and lack of friends. Anyways this game is awesome!

Like this is the cover of the game but I’m telling you this is the best first person shooter game ever! You get these crazy new outfits and guns and even a new super charge! Tbh I was never a fan of shooting games but ever since Destiny came out I’ve been getting into new shooting games. I’m going to try and find some good ones. I hear Call of Duty is a good one.

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My Nightmare

I had such a scary dream last night. I was sitting down in a room in front of a computer looking at a video of a guy playing a shooting game or so I thought….. in the video there were 3 guys who ambushed a soldier on a boat and kicked him into the water. They started shooting aswel and then shot the cameras cutting the video short. The scary part was that I was wasn’t watching watching a video, this was live. And I was on that boat in a room. I turned around and the three men were there with a gun pointed to my head. I thought I heard one of them laugh at the look on my face. Before the guy could press the trigger I woke up and the nightmare had ended. You’d think that it was probably not that scary but it was to me.

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So the past week I had been think up multiple stories to write down in my notebook. Two of them I am pouring all my love into. These are both in the DC comic world and I can’t wait to start writing. Right now I’m still in the plotting phase but almost to the writing phase and I’m so pumped.

Titles for the books
Apollo [A DC Comic Story]
The Outcasts (Which is also apart of Dc. It was going to be Marvel but then I thought it’d be cool to kinda have a book where Apollo and The Outcast are like in the same book. I mean who hasn’t had that kind of thought?)

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My Interesting Week

So a few months ago I started watching this anime called Assassination classroom.

I loved this show so much. I got way to connected with the characters too. Anyways I was nearing the end and was watching the last few episodes and I almost wanted to yell or flip something over when some of my favorite characters died. Especially Koro-Sensei.(The Yellow Octopus in the back) I wish that the show didn’t have to end but it did. THE SHOW ONLY HAD 2 SEASONS! I was mad that I had to move on. I was lied to by my friends. Beth said that it was a great show, Edward loved the funniness and Lucine was confused about what we were talking about. I now know the pain of seeing the greatest man alive die.

Later after I finished the show I started watching Naruto. Now I tried to get far in the show but something kept showing up A.K.A the bat! Yeah so we found out there was a bat in our house and it took us about 2 days to capture it cause it kept disappearing. So anyways I’m glad that it’s gone.
OH AND I ALSO FOUND OUT I WASTED 32 BUCKS ON A GAME I GOT FOR 19!!! I bought a game I thought I didn’t have but I did have so that was something I wanted to scream about. I think that I deserve a refund.

OH AND JUST YESTERDAY I WITNESSED MY VERY FIRST SOLAR ECPLISE. Now it was amazing I could even see the outline of the moon as it was passing the sun. It was something I was going to remember forever.


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Random STUFF

Now to tell you the truth when I was little I thought being a teen would be super cool. I see that as I live the life now it isn’t all that I imagined. Sure you get more privileges and added to that is more responsibilities. I also found out I am slowly growing a mustache and a beard. Well you can only see a small part of the beard but I’m pretty sure the mustache is there. Anyways being a teenager isn’t what it seems in the movies. I for one am kinda looking forward to turning 15 but at the same time not really. I really just want to get this year over with. I did not have a good head start. There were somethings that I’ve planned on doing and then other things pop out of no where. But you want to know what I am excited about? VOLTRON SEASON THREEEEE!!!!!


So couldn’t really find the right image for this but I guess this will have to do. I’m a huge Oncer fan. My whole family knows it too. It has everything I ever wanted in a show and so much more. Alright now that’s all I have to put down. Everything I put on this page is random but I’m glad I put it down cause I didn’t have anything else to put here.


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