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Why my life is not lame

My life isn’t lame because we get to go on fun trip. One of the trip we went on was Tennessee. And when we got there got on a helicopter went to the pool. And saw beautiful  mountains. And went to the upside down house and did a bunch of fun stuff.

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Why I want to do midwifery

First things first no it is  witch craft if you were wondering midwifery Is typically  a woman who is trained to assist a women in childbirth and all the challenge that come with it. And I love caring and loving on for people And I love babies if there was a job for cuddling babies I would so work there but midwifery is the closes thing I’ve got.


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About me

My name is Jada i’m 12 year old almost 13 but i wish i could be 18 so i could volunteer at animal shelter. the last song i listened to was scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara and i love that song because it teaches girl that you don’t have to change  you beautiful just the way you are. The last show that I watch was Andi Mack i like that show because it realistic a lot of kids grow up without and one of there parents. the last TV show i watched was lost i like lost because theirs a lot of mysteries in it. my favorite thing to do is look and picture of puppies. favorite food is cinnamon roll. and my pastimes hobby doing hair. and out of all my siblings jasmine know me the best. the thing i’m most looking ford to is moving of so i can get a puppy. and the thing i’m least looking ford to to is pay bill. one word the describes me creative. one word that describes my family caring. the trendiest word i can think of is slay. and i think they should stop saying swag. the coolest right now is is dabbing. Jesus means everything to me. I want to be a teacher, midwife or a an animal rescue team. I want to live in st Louis so Rosie will remember me.

the outfit the describes me.


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Canon is here!

I’m so so glad that canon is here.  It felt like years  and years  but now he’s here and i couldn’t have a better Christmas present.

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