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Field Trip!!!!!

Camiryn amazed by amphibians.

The kids “exploring” the hiking trail.

Jada seeing things through another animals eyes.

All 3 attempting to stay still long enough for Mom to get “just 1 good picture”.

Today we went to Powder Valley Nature Valley Center. The kids had a great time! We will go back again when the weather gets nicer. Needless to say after all the exploring and nature hike everyone came home and took a nice nap!
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Our Story, Our Goals

Dion and I, got married and lived abroad in Japan for 4 years. When we finally moved back to the United States we found ourselves living in D.C. metro area . Along with 2 children and 1 on the way, not to mention 1 income and a lot of DEBT… Needless to say there was a lot more struggling…Fast forward to 2007 we have $60,000.00 in debt, not including our home. We were trying in our own best efforts to come up with a plan to get out of debt but to no avail, we kept falling back into the same patterns and bad habits. Finally, our church was hosting a get out of debt class and we attend it. It was the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class. At the end of the class we had a clear vision on how to meet our God given and personal goals and dreams. We are now at the $40,000.00 mark.
We see many things for the future of this family including generating wealth for the body of Christ, but our next goal after we’re out of debt is to add to our family through adoption!
We intend to pay off our remaining $40,000.00 of debt and then start saving up for our adoption.
We will pay for this adoption with cash! No more loans for us!
What about our mortgage? Well we plan to have that payed off in the next 12 years.
There you have it! This may take a while but we know it’ll be so worth it to see the dreams that God has placed in our hearts come to pass. We believe with all our hearts this just the beginning!
We are stepping out with God leading the charge! Always remember…We can do everything through Christ, who gives us strength. Philippians 4:13. (We’ll try and remember that too, along the way. )

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