Belle means WAR and BEAUTY

My mom has been trying to talk us into naming the baby Belle which is italian for Beautiful. We found it also has latin roots for WAR. Not sure if we will use that name but it is fitting. Rhonda is 12 weeks but the last 6 or 7 have been really rough. I had to call the doctor on Rhonda so she would go to ER. We finally went after a nice and pleasant visit with our friend Lena. St. Peters was packed so we decided to try SSM St. Joseph in St. Charles.

They had an website which allowed you to schedule an appointment time in the ER. We arrived in it was much nicer and quiter in the lobby. They actual had scripture up on the wall – it read “With God all things are possible”. Didn’t know that was going to be some much needed encouragement for the night.

Long story short Rhonda ended up having a ton of sticks. I took to long to write this so I don’t remember everything that happened but the notes I had included these cast of characters…

Dr. Kate – ER Doc “the listener”
Nurse Elizabeth “the protector”
Andy the Paramedic
Nurse Marie aka going off the reservation
Nurse Frantella and Nurse Frances the caregivers
Dr. Puckett aka God send

What I remember is Andy was a young asian paramedic who was determined to get Rhonda’s IV going. He tried so many times and was so unsuccessful. I think he mentality was there’s never been an IV I couldn’t make a certain point Nurse Elizabeth called it all of. But we all knew something needed to happen. Step in Nurse Marie who went of reservation and installed an IV in Rhonda’s neck. It was painful to watch but it worked!

Dr Puckett was a God send. Everyone else was pushing for PICC line at right at the time we needed to make decision he came in with the answer to our prayer. He offered another solution because he himself had reservations about the PICC line. After the discussion I looked out window as saw cross on a top of a pole the hospital had put in. The backdrop was Frontier Park, old town St. Charles, and the mighty Mississippi.

Chaplain Gail prayed with us which was first at a hospital and really nice. They sent us home with a home infusion kit.

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