Breakfast with the Sipes

Fellowshipped with the Sipes today. It was supposed to be a large ice storm but it was more like someone spilled there cup of ice water. Anyway we had a great time talking with the Sipes. Talked about what the bible says about safety and protecting our family. We can agree it is somewhere between shoot to kill if someone steps into your house unwanted and allow the person to overtake you and your family. Yea, this conversation will continue. We talked about the challenges of fellowshipping with large families in a more formal bible study setting. As you can see from the picture just two of our families is a huge deal. We did agree to support each other with any acts of love in the community.

We also messed around with Rubix cubes. Some had different shapes and where larger than the standard cubes. One of the Sipe boys knew how to solve all the cubes.

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