Camiryn’s Dr. Seuss Style Story

This is pretty good. Only problem is he is actually going around saying talking like Messa. Hopefully soon he will outgrow this.

In the town of Placeopolisttopiaville. A new mefleget moved in. The father’s name was Yampa (which in pronounced Buh-ill. The mother’s name was Yaflerbaloink (which is pronounced Juh-an-it). The son’s name was Messa (Which is pronounced like the Me-sah). Messa went to school the day after they moved in. “Messa nervous” He thought. As Messa walked in the school house, a boy who looked just like Messa walked towards him. “Hi” said the mysterious figure. “My name is Me’me” (Which is pronounced Me-Me). Messa was filled with joy because he found his new father. Me’me took him home and fed him. “Messa is very Messa!” said Messa (Messa means Happy). “Me me big boy!” said Me’me (me me big boy means I’m very happy too). “Messa Messa Messa Messa Messa? (Do you want to eat?)” said Messa. “Me me big boy (I would love to)” said Me’me. Messa flew to a Messa. (Messa also means McMessa’s which is a fast food restaurant ). “Could you Messa Messa some Messa?” said Messa (Messa also means give and food). “Of course, Messa! Will you be my son?” said the fast food worker. “I don’t see why not.” said Messa. Messa lived a very unstable lifestyle. But he liked it that way.        
                                                                                            Messa Messa (which also means The End).

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