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Bunny girl (01)

I really like how I drew this bunny girl she curious but cute the bunny hat i thought would be a nice touch!

Enjoy~ Jasmine

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This character was inspired by my motivator mom and a artist online.
Look out for More NANI

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Elsa Queen of Adrenal. Also the coolest Disney princess ever!! Instead of making animals work with her she gets ice powers to come to her will.( Plus they made Elsa realistic. She wasn’t all happy and cheerful she had to hide a dark secret) So I took the liberty of getting my bamboo splash tablet listing to the forzen song (especially Let it go 🙂 and drawing Elsa! Made her make up more visible, and added light blue ( or snow glaze blue 🙂 streaks to her hair. Enjoy

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This Drawing was inspired by the coolest Japanese voalcoid Len (the sister of Rin) She is cute girly I thought she would be fun to draw! Enjoy~ Jasmine

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