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Words of a 12 year old

Found this on my laptop today!! This is so funny to me!

Sometimes I fell like things are is unfair my sister(she is four) gets to sleepover but not me I’m 12 years old I’m trusted with watching all 7 kids and taking care of baby but not go over to someone else house! I don’t understand one minuet it’s oh thank you are sooooo responsible then no you’re not allowed to do that! they sometimes treat me like I’m Caleb!!!!!!!! Why I that? I HAVE NO IDEA. Yeah I know some of my bff’s don’t act the way my ‘rents want them too but it’s not like I will not tell what’s going on in my life! I can tell them anything and the Skaggs are trusted and so are there kids know how am I d grandma and then the say sure yeah let’s let the girl we barley trust go with someone else! YES I UNDERSTAND THAT MY SISTER IS A LOT FOR MY GRANDMA BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? Other than say home and do nothing ………..well that is not entirely true but what do I think we are going to do? Well I have no clue sure let her go have fun with the Skaggs so I can’t be there to chaperone her? But you let me watch her at home all I HAVE TO SAY IS REALLY? I am thankful for my privileges that I get but some this seems unfair………..they make seem like I’m going to slow the Skaggs down! That is not true at all will the make up their minds about me……I’m very confused I hope I’ll find the answer soon..


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2017-18 Season Stats

Total Stats:

Games Played: 4

Tackles:  23

Assist Tackles: 11

Comb Tackles: 34

Forced Fumbles: 0

Fumbles Recovered: 3

Interceptions: 1

Safeties: 0

Carries: 29

Rushing Yards: 297

Rush TDs: 5 (9)

Receiving Yards: 0

Receiving TDs: 0

Pass Yards 0

Pass TDs: 0

2 Point Conversions: 2

Kickoff/Punt Return Yards: 49

Fumbles: 5


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Chris’s DC Story

Apollo [A Dc Comic Story]
[Normal Pov]
Apollo sat in the back of a helicopter which was taking him outside the city of Gotham.”Once we drop you off you will need to start the mission. You report to me at the end of the week, got it?” General Woodburn asked Apollo.
Apollo nodded as the helicopter landed.”Now, you’re supposed to join the Justice League in order to gain Intel on them.”But I thought I was supposed to destroy them the moment I had the chance?” Apollo asked. The General shook his head, “The plans have changed. Now go and begin your mission,” He said.
Apollo hopped out of the helicopter and headed for the city.”Sir, shouldn’t you have told him about the thing?” A scientist sitting next to General Wood-burn asked.”No. No one but us should know about it,” Woodburn said closing the helicopter door as the began to take off.
[Apollo’s Pov]
I walked through the streets of Gotham, keeping a lookout for any Justice League member. I had trained for this moment my entire life and I couldn’t fail, I wouldn’t.
I then heard a scream come from an alley two blocks from me. I smirked. ‘Perfect,’ I thought as I ran towards the alley. I could see 5 big strong guys with crowbars. They were closing in on a boy who looked about 10 and what seems to be his little sister.
“You guys must be desperate. Going after little kids? I’d thought you could do better,” I said. The thugs turned around to face me.”Isn’t it a little early for Halloween kid? Scram or you get what they’re getting,” One of them said.
I scoffed.”Please, I bet I could take all 5 of you on,” I said. The thugs smirked and started towards me. I then slowly let out my chain that had three sharp knifes at the end. That’s when the thugs stopped and looked at the weapon.”What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you want to run away now?” I taunted. Then two of them ran towards me. I easily dodged their attacks and swung my chain around one leg and swung him against the other guy causing them to hit the wall and pass out. I had saved 2 kids from danger and had come 1 step closer to being a hero.

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Camityn’s Name Report

I used Nameberry for my report.
Pretty much all my brothers name’s have good meaning to them. For example, The name “Christopher” Means Christ follower. The Name “Caleb” means devoted to God. “Canon”  is the name a group of books in the Bible. “Cade” means Bishop (according to my mom). “Camiryn”     (my name) means bent nose. Also, that’s how you spell it for females. So according to my name I am a girl with a bent nose. Yay. How awesome.  

The name Camiryn originated from Scotland. Because the Scottish people thought,”Let’s make a name that means bent nose! Because that definitely won’t make the person who has that name self conscious about their nose every time they hear their name!”

After I was born my parents didn’t know what to name me for two weeks. They finally settled for the name “Camiryn”. You might be wondering,”Why did they spell it like that? Isn’t that how you spell it for a girl? Why didn’t they spell it like C A M E R O N? Isn’t that the way you spell it for a boy?”. Well reader fellow, it’s not that simple. Oh wait It is that simple! Just spell it the right way! How in the world did you up C A M I R Y N? That’s not even close to how you’re supposed to spell it for a boy. That’s how you spell it for a girl! I’m not a girl! You already chose a name with a terrible meaning and then on top of that you spelled it  the girl way. Did I look like a bent nose girl as a baby? Is that why you named me Camiryn? Or is it because you don’t know how to spell? It’s probably because they didn’t know how to spell. They did attend school in Laurel Mississippi after all.

So, my name might not bring honor to me and my children and my children’s children, but that’s okay. It doesn’t matter because I’m not like my name. You now the saying,”There’s no “me” in “name”.”.  

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So I think it was a week ago me, my Dad and my brother Camiryn played Monopoly on the Xbox. At first it was going horrible for me and Camiryn. My Dad kept making it hard for us. And we’d lose our money to him every single time we landed on one of his places. There was even one time I thought I was going to lose all my money cause I had like 123 dollars left. But then something happen and the board saw something wonderful in me and decided to help me when the game. Every time I rolled the dice I’d pass one of Dad’s place that had red houses one them. (Red Houses help increase the price that a player has to pay. I had to pay like 1010 dollars if I landed on it) Camiryn on the other hand didn’t have such luck and it got him bankrupt. It was just me and Dad left and I had gained enough money to get myself a red house. Once my father landed on it he had to pay me 1050 and I just kept getting richer and passing by all his red houses. He’d get fustrated sometimes and once he landed another time on my place with a red house he just got tired of it and was going to forfeit until Camiryn came to help Dad win.(Even though he didn’t stand a chance)
Anyways I won’t get into a lot of detail of what happened but most of the time Camiryn kept begging me for money to pay me back every single time he landed on one of my places with the Hotels on them. Soon I got tired of this and snatched the remote out of his hand and had him press bankrupt. He was like at 63 dollars and I was at 3000 and I was not going to be here all day going back and forth. So I won but if you hear from Camyrin he’ll say that he won and I forfeited. Which was not the case.

Looking back at all I wrote I realized I should’ve wrote more. It’s all like 356 words and for stories I write like 1000 or more. But I won’t brag about it. Anyways Monopoly is always turning your family or friends against you. I don’t think Camiryn or Dad will play with me again.

It’s what Monopoly does and will continue doing for a very long time.

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Camiryn’s Dr. Seuss Style Story

This is pretty good. Only problem is he is actually going around saying talking like Messa. Hopefully soon he will outgrow this.

In the town of Placeopolisttopiaville. A new mefleget moved in. The father’s name was Yampa (which in pronounced Buh-ill. The mother’s name was Yaflerbaloink (which is pronounced Juh-an-it). The son’s name was Messa (Which is pronounced like the Me-sah). Messa went to school the day after they moved in. “Messa nervous” He thought. As Messa walked in the school house, a boy who looked just like Messa walked towards him. “Hi” said the mysterious figure. “My name is Me’me” (Which is pronounced Me-Me). Messa was filled with joy because he found his new father. Me’me took him home and fed him. “Messa is very Messa!” said Messa (Messa means Happy). “Me me big boy!” said Me’me (me me big boy means I’m very happy too). “Messa Messa Messa Messa Messa? (Do you want to eat?)” said Messa. “Me me big boy (I would love to)” said Me’me. Messa flew to a Messa. (Messa also means McMessa’s which is a fast food restaurant ). “Could you Messa Messa some Messa?” said Messa (Messa also means give and food). “Of course, Messa! Will you be my son?” said the fast food worker. “I don’t see why not.” said Messa. Messa lived a very unstable lifestyle. But he liked it that way.        
                                                                                            Messa Messa (which also means The End).

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Camiryn’s little hopeful poem

Camiryn had to write a three sentence poem called a “pen picture”. Oh son one day but not today hahaha.

“Getting Your Ankles Broken By Your Son”
Two twigs being snapped in half by a bear
Glass being shattered by a hammer
Getting exposed by The Professor
-Camiryn Newell

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PGR 4 with the Kids

So we’ve been looking for new ways to pass the time at home because Rhonda has been feeling so ill with baby #12 so we decided to buy another xbox 360 from craiglist and buy 4 copies of PGR 4 for $4.99 each at

PGR 4 Cover

We had 8 racers, two on each xbox and Cruz was the dominant racer. We found out of dinner that he had read manual and discovered drifting which made him such a great racer. Kudos to him and definitely a parenting WIN because he now knows the power of reading.

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Mother’s Day Video

We attempted to document our journey from Mother’s Day 2015 to Mother’s Day 2017.

At the moment mom is working on baby #12 and she’s not feeling all to well. When we shared the video with her it brighten her day for a moment. Served as a reminder is sometimes easier to remember the bad so we must work harder to also remember the good.

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About me

My name is Jada i’m 12 year old almost 13 but i wish i could be 18 so i could volunteer at animal shelter. the last song i listened to was scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara and i love that song because it teaches girl that you don’t have to change  you beautiful just the way you are. The last show that I watch was Andi Mack i like that show because it realistic a lot of kids grow up without and one of there parents. the last TV show i watched was lost i like lost because theirs a lot of mysteries in it. my favorite thing to do is look and picture of puppies. favorite food is cinnamon roll. and my pastimes hobby doing hair. and out of all my siblings jasmine know me the best. the thing i’m most looking ford to is moving of so i can get a puppy. and the thing i’m least looking ford to to is pay bill. one word the describes me creative. one word that describes my family caring. the trendiest word i can think of is slay. and i think they should stop saying swag. the coolest right now is is dabbing. Jesus means everything to me. I want to be a teacher, midwife or a an animal rescue team. I want to live in st Louis so Rosie will remember me.

the outfit the describes me.


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