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Mother’s Day Video

We attempted to document our journey from Mother’s Day 2015 to Mother’s Day 2017.

At the moment mom is working on baby #12 and she’s not feeling all to well. When we shared the video with her it brighten her day for a moment. Served as a reminder is sometimes easier to remember the bad so we must work harder to also remember the good.

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Breakfast with the Sipes

Fellowshipped with the Sipes today. It was supposed to be a large ice storm but it was more like someone spilled there cup of ice water. Anyway we had a great time talking with the Sipes. Talked about what the bible says about safety and protecting our family. We can agree it is somewhere between shoot to kill if someone steps into your house unwanted and allow the person to overtake you and your family. Yea, this conversation will continue. We talked about the challenges of fellowshipping with large families in a more formal bible study setting. As you can see from the picture just two of our families is a huge deal. We did agree to support each other with any acts of love in the community.

We also messed around with Rubix cubes. Some had different shapes and where larger than the standard cubes. One of the Sipe boys knew how to solve all the cubes.

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Rhonda’s Bday

Rhonda’s Bday with some pics from 2016

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And the New Heavy Weight Champ – Canon Lucas Newell!

Welcome to Newell Nation! Canon is by far the heaviest baby we or should I say Rhonda has had. He weighed twice as much as Jada! It is so tempting not to go out an do Oklahoma Drills with him and the other boys. Camiryn and Caleb may toss him around but he and Cruz will have a good go at it! Haha.

Quick run down:
5:30 pm Tameka breaks Rhonda’s water! (Tameka swears she didn’t but all day she was saying she was going to get this baby out. I leave her and Rhonda alone for 5 minutes and what happens while I am gone? Rhonda’s water breaks!)
5:30 – 6:15 pm We time Rhonda’s contractions and prepare the room for a HOME BIRTH!
6:15 pm I call Allison, the mid wife, and tell her Rhonda is 5 min a apart. Allison and her assistant Jen head over.
7:00 pm Allison and Jen arrive, check on baby, Rhonda and setup.
7:15 pm The fun begins!
7:15 pm – 10:30 pm readjusting, pushing, screaming, praying, dying, resurrecting – repeats until we try to move from bathroom to bedroom.
10:39 pm – Canon Lucas is born!

In between screaming and praying was Leia, Tameka, and Tedee providing encouragement and support to Rhonda! Them along with Allison and Jen made a wonderful team. So happy they could all be there. Canon you are so loved little man! Oh and mommy is in the picture she is just being camera shy!

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Thanksgiving Meal from God!

So this is getting a little out of hand. We were not going to make Thanksgiving and didn’t ask anyone for a meal either. The kids old therapist Mrs. Carol and her husband decided to bring us Thanksgiving dinner a day before Thanksgiving. God is so so good. The food was great. We had a chance to fellowship and they prayed over us. They blessed the house and asked God to help us be a lighthouse in the community. I love that picture that develops in my mind when I think about that.

Here a short video of the kids thanking the Carol family just before Thanksgiving dinner. And pictures from games we played before the meal.





Just before the Carol’s came over we decided to make our rounds handing pies in the neighborhood. We had a chance to spend time with the Baum’s, St. Pierre’s, and Sipes’. Great conversation and awesome people. They were all saying they were supposed to bring us pie – in the words of one of my favorite Christian rappers Tedashii – everything’s in reverse. In God’s kingdom things are often in reverse.

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Kids Playing by Jas

Jasmine got some great photos of the kids playing in the yard today!

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Maple Finally Finished!!!

Here’s a look at Maple before the almost 2 and 1/2 year rehab. Click here for a first Look at Maple

Maple is finally finished! God is good. Happy the rehab is time for babies arrival. Excited about that and how God is going to love on us and through us. I need it, my family needs it, and this city needs it..God’s is love.

Outside –

The Foyer and Family Room

Dining Room and Kitchen

Master Bedroom

The girls room.

The boys room.

The Guest Room

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MasterChef Food Challenge

Kids have been watching MasterChef Kids..those little ones can throw down. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. Let’s me know out of the 10 I have at least one of them should be able to get in the kitchen and throw down! Anyway they decided to cook and here what’s happened!

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