Chris’s DC Story

Apollo [A Dc Comic Story]
[Normal Pov]
Apollo sat in the back of a helicopter which was taking him outside the city of Gotham.”Once we drop you off you will need to start the mission. You report to me at the end of the week, got it?” General Woodburn asked Apollo.
Apollo nodded as the helicopter landed.”Now, you’re supposed to join the Justice League in order to gain Intel on them.”But I thought I was supposed to destroy them the moment I had the chance?” Apollo asked. The General shook his head, “The plans have changed. Now go and begin your mission,” He said.
Apollo hopped out of the helicopter and headed for the city.”Sir, shouldn’t you have told him about the thing?” A scientist sitting next to General Wood-burn asked.”No. No one but us should know about it,” Woodburn said closing the helicopter door as the began to take off.
[Apollo’s Pov]
I walked through the streets of Gotham, keeping a lookout for any Justice League member. I had trained for this moment my entire life and I couldn’t fail, I wouldn’t.
I then heard a scream come from an alley two blocks from me. I smirked. ‘Perfect,’ I thought as I ran towards the alley. I could see 5 big strong guys with crowbars. They were closing in on a boy who looked about 10 and what seems to be his little sister.
“You guys must be desperate. Going after little kids? I’d thought you could do better,” I said. The thugs turned around to face me.”Isn’t it a little early for Halloween kid? Scram or you get what they’re getting,” One of them said.
I scoffed.”Please, I bet I could take all 5 of you on,” I said. The thugs smirked and started towards me. I then slowly let out my chain that had three sharp knifes at the end. That’s when the thugs stopped and looked at the weapon.”What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you want to run away now?” I taunted. Then two of them ran towards me. I easily dodged their attacks and swung my chain around one leg and swung him against the other guy causing them to hit the wall and pass out. I had saved 2 kids from danger and had come 1 step closer to being a hero.

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