Christmas & Cade(Or Cade and Christmas)

November 11 2017, Cade Newell, was born. I probably should have done this way earlier but I didn’t feel like it. I don’t really have a special message for you my little brother. I just hope you have a long eventful life that pleases the Lord. And if you have a short life then at least you’ll be in heaven. Unless your a brat and you end up in Hell. Okay, my New Special Message to is, “Don’t end up in Hell. It’s litt but not in a good way.”. I have another New Special Message for you and it’s probably one the most important thing in the world.:

Your mind is blown right now





It’s 17 days until Christmas and I’m still working on my wishlist. I really wanted to get a survival horror game. I’m thinking about getting ‘State of Decay’ or ‘Alien: Isolation’.  I also want a BB Gun

To get you in the Christmas Spirit (Even Though this song has nothing to do with Christmas — OR DOES IT.)





If you take the word ‘Official’ from ‘Social Club Misfits – Dive feat. Beam (Official Music Video)’ and put it side by side with the word ‘Feathers’, you can see they have something in common. Something very Strange. They both have EIGHT LETTERS in them! Eight from Stranger Things has a sister named ELEVEN.  11 + 8 = 19.  There are 10 letters in ‘Demogorgan’. 19 – 10 = 9 . There’s 8 letters in ‘Stranger’ and 9 – 8 = ONE (Dats quick maths). ‘One’ and Kb’s song ‘I Am Not The One’ both have the number ‘One’ in common. In Kb’s song He tells us that Jesus is the One. We celebrate The One’s birthday on Christmas! That’s how ‘Social Club Misfits – Dive feat. Beam (Official Music Video)’ has everything to do with Christmas.

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