Christopher’s Creative Short Story

I have no idea what this story was about for school but it was creative!!

In a land a couple of what-moppers away from our own was the town of Doodenton. Inhabited by none other than the Doodens! They stood around three diddles tall and came in all kinds of shapes! There’s Didenloo on her flooper-whapper that ninklenoops the town. Accompanied with her are her three brothers; Fligenbloo, Tichzenku, and Didd! They all rode behind Didenloo in their Fropenschatzers that were laced in groupleobs that did all sorts of tricks! Didd’s Fropenschatzer would Hinglesnoop all the froblegop grass and Tichzenku’s would Vooglewrap the Garyloon trees! Fligenbloo’s Fropenschatzer would Saplogoo all the Quinloo birds and pet all the Zerinblogs.

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