First date without Cade

Went to see Badhaai Ho with I think means congratulations in Indian. Wifey wanted to see it because it was about older couple have a child. Not sure if this is somehow relatable cause I’m only 37. Rhonda is almost 38 so maybe she can understand this a bit better.

Rhonda prepped for this date by buying a ton of baby food for Cade. This was our first date without him. He did great and so did mom. We had a great ride down. We talked about our church and tried to answer question what does it look like to have kids and be on mission for God?

Movie was great. I had popcorn like I always do. We were a little bit late and after the movie was over we realized we were the only non Indian people in the theater. I felt special…like yeah I I’m cool with all people. Anyway there was a ton of cultural things I didn’t get but still enjoyed the movie. I will say there was a care and respect for elders that we don’t have. But there was many times when elders where valued more than wife and kids. Not sure if I agreed with that but I appreciated the attempts to honor elderly. Also seemed like having large family was not idea and there’s season for that in one’s life. And there was a drive to not embarrass ones self or family. Many times though this was too a fault. I wonder how accurate those things are. The final bolloywood dance number was great. Thought interesting that the guys voice was auto tuned. You could hear the American pop and hip hop influence.

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