Friday Blog(6)

Turns out I’ll be getting more minutes then I thought this season. Timothy, one of the players on my team broke his arm. It was easy to tell he was done for the season after looking at it. It looked very painful. So, without him, we’re down to 13 players on the team. His little brother named Titus, plays for our team too. But since he’s on the smaller side his parents are probably taking him out just to be safe. If they do, we’ll be at 12. In football, you must have 11 players on the field. That means we would only have 1 player on the bench at a time. We’ll be very tired.

This season I’ll be playing RB, FB, FS, Special Teams and QB. I’ll probably just be running wildcat plays when I play QB but it’s still a cool brag right. I’m gonna be pretty tired but on the bright side, I’ll be getting more minutes. Next week I will probably talk about our roster and the week after that I’ll probably talk about something not football related because it’s probably boring just reading about my sports life.


(Because why not)

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