Friday Blog(7)

Earlier this week, I decided to play the NBA Live 18 demo and it was great! It definitely gave 2K a run for their money. Gameplay wise, 2K has more fluid animations but they also have a lot of annoying ones too. I think 2k has slightly better graphics than Live but Live still looks really good. Live’s face scan is an a whole other level compared to 2K though. They also have a very wide selection of hair styles to choose from, unlike 2K. Live’s music playlist is waaayyy better than 2K’s because they have songs that people actually like. With 2K that is definitely not the case. They haven’t had a good playlist since 2k11. Also Live is cheaper. Live is about 40 dollars and 2k’s cheapest edition is about 60(Their gold edition is 150$). Bottom line, I’ll probably just buy NBA Live instead of NBA2K because live is better and cheaper.

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