God moved the Bennett Kids

Okay, so if you’ve been following Rhonda started feeling bad on April 4 and we’ve been working hard to make life work with the 14. On Sunday night Rhonda said it may be time to consider moving the kids..and the dogs too. She was having a hard day. The Jackson, close friends of ours, saw the struggle and decided to step in and take care of Chance. At least until we hear about Germany. They said they’d be available for even longer if need be. However the case we were grateful to God and them for a the help. It was a little pressure off and also full night’s sleep once again! On Tuesday another set of friends asked if they could watch the other three Bennett kids for a while. Tuesday night was spend in ER with Rhonda so on Wednesday we agreed and they were moved out. So this has provided much needed relief. And we are grateful to God for raising people up to ask us to watch the kids. It been amazing! We wonder if this is apart of the great setup to move to Germany or simply just a break. I don’t know but soon we will see.

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