Hotline v God’s Goodness

Hi it’s Dion. I won’t discuss the details of the hotline but I will just say in the face of God’s goodness it doesn’t compare. Don’t get me wrong. I constantly encouraging myself to trust God in this situation. Yesterday at the drop of a hat Matt, Maggie, Gloria, and Jake Barnett blessed our family. They cut grass, cleaned gross bathrooms and dirty bedrooms, mopped floors that hadn’t been since the beginning of time to help us prepare for any surprise inspection. Then ate dinner with us. It was such an incredible evening and display of God’s love through his people.

I also recall when we were struggling with the Bennet Kids when Rhonda was sick with Canon. I remember Scott Skaggs and Vickie Skaggs coming over to help. Scott helped with laying down timbers for playset and Vickie clean our gross master bathroom. Such wonderful loving acts of God!

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