It’s Raining Meals! Hallelujah!!

Today was another incredible day of God blessing our family. The Bryant’s brought us a wonderful meal. I went to the grocery store on yesterday and among those items I brought ingredients for jambalaya. Well let’s just say I’m going to wait several weeks to make it because Mrs. Bryant bought one that had all kind of goodness inside. All I had a chance to do was snap a shot of the left overs cause the kids ate it up pretty fast. Letting me know to pump the brakes on my jambalaya!


Also we were expecting some frozen meals from our church family at Harvester. Toni Lynch spent time coordinating several meals from here life group. God bless her! She has also been so kind to our family. We hadn’t found a time to sync and get the meals from her. Marcus and Anne Pearson decided to step in again! They brought the meals and dinner for Tuesday night. Here’s the dinner Anne made. The Roast had peppers which gave it a nice kick. Marcus and I also chatted for while about church stuff. That man is a well spring of knowledge! I’m looking forward to our next convo.


Here are the meals from Harvester..chicken pot pie, cowboy casserole, and some other meals!






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