Pam Cutshall visits us right after Bernice King

Mrs. Cutshall and her daughter paid us a surprise visit yesterday evening. I love that woman and her family! I love super transparent people…people willing to share their dark hearts lol!

She had just spent time with a Ferguson panel which included Dr. Bernice King. Mrs. Cutshall had so much to share and Rhonda and I were excited to hear. She shared how the panel had a strong message of loving people. And how most of the people who discussed strategic change for the community agreed it started with an inner transformation. According to Mrs. Cutshall people where attributing the change to the philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King. At the end she told Mrs. King the model sounded a lot like what Jesus calls us to do..Mrs. King spilled the beans and said this is exactly what she is getting at. However Mrs. King and some of the panel members wouldn’t go as far as to say that in the public forum. I wish they would’ve; only because there are several times I wish I would have.

Later in the panel they talked about inequality and the have nots of the black community. And stated policies should be put in place to help the black struggle. Education of Social Issues, Schooling, and Policy Change is the answer they said. Mrs. Cutshall is a middle aged white woman from the suburbs. She told me she was starting to struggle and started to feel like a “white bigot”. I don’t think she is and I don’t believe she feels she is but she felt like if she shared a contrary view that would be the immediate thought of who she was. She did share a comment that didn’t agree with the panel and I don’t exactly recall her comment but I know she was struggling with how resolving inequality would solve the problem. She even stated how Jesus said the poor would always be among you. She didn’t understand how more education in school or of social issues would lead to lasting change. And I am certain that wasn’t a hateful, cruel, never walked a mile in their shoes kind of thought. She wanted to focus on how through loving people can we solve this problem. Her and I talked and I think agreed this change can only come from God and His Spirit. Real change of the human heart – the kind of change the panel members who where once thugs and thieves, now legislators and police officers does not come from government, policies, or more education. These things are good but don’t get to the heart of the issue. Like Paul says in Romans, the law simply reveals what was in my heart already (paraphrase) and more laws and education of social issues would do more of the same. This is a mission for the church. There are literally 20+ churches within a 5-6 mile radius of me. Most of which declare missional mindedness based on name of the church. Warning “Judgmental Thought Ahead” – I would question the impact these churches are having on the community. What I plan to do as not to be a hypocrite is a conversation for another day..I will say I shared my desire for Harvester to join in the work we are doing here with Mrs. Cutshall and we talked briefly about the role of a event driven suburban church in a neighborhood like this which needs the Gospel and relationships. Mrs. Cutshall didn’t exclude herself though. It was a conversation about the blemishes of our church and her members – those members happen to include her and I. Anyway back to what I was saying…Like Jesus the church MUST step into the hurt, reconcile people to God and to one another, disciple, and send those reconciled people on a mission of love to do the same!

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One thought on “Pam Cutshall visits us right after Bernice King”

  1. Thank you, Dion, for hearing me and understanding my heart. Our family loves the Newell Nation and all you stand for…for Christ, in Christ, living Christ. Thank you for sharing life with us as our warts and scars draw us together. Now, about calling me Mrs. Cutshall…I need a name change that doesn’t make me sound like I have one foot in the grave!!! Hurts my pride. LOL!

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