My Interesting Week

So a few months ago I started watching this anime called Assassination classroom.

I loved this show so much. I got way to connected with the characters too. Anyways I was nearing the end and was watching the last few episodes and I almost wanted to yell or flip something over when some of my favorite characters died. Especially Koro-Sensei.(The Yellow Octopus in the back) I wish that the show didn’t have to end but it did. THE SHOW ONLY HAD 2 SEASONS! I was mad that I had to move on. I was lied to by my friends. Beth said that it was a great show, Edward loved the funniness and Lucine was confused about what we were talking about. I now know the pain of seeing the greatest man alive die.

Later after I finished the show I started watching Naruto. Now I tried to get far in the show but something kept showing up A.K.A the bat! Yeah so we found out there was a bat in our house and it took us about 2 days to capture it cause it kept disappearing. So anyways I’m glad that it’s gone.
OH AND I ALSO FOUND OUT I WASTED 32 BUCKS ON A GAME I GOT FOR 19!!! I bought a game I thought I didn’t have but I did have so that was something I wanted to scream about. I think that I deserve a refund.

OH AND JUST YESTERDAY I WITNESSED MY VERY FIRST SOLAR ECPLISE. Now it was amazing I could even see the outline of the moon as it was passing the sun. It was something I was going to remember forever.


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