New Story Project

So I didn’t really have anything to write on Friday cause there was nothing I could think of that really happened that week besides the camp thing in our neighborhood park. Anyways I’ve had so many story ideas and they mostly didn’t go that far.  But I have faith in this new story idea. The Outcasts. Now I might change the title but for now it’s going to be The Outcasts. The story is a marvel fanfiction. It’s takes place in like 2020 and that’s when people decide to get rid of Inhumans and if a person awakens his or her powers somehow they will be taken away to a hidden facility. Child, Teen, Adult or even a baby. No Inhuman is safe during this time. During this time 7 teenagers awaken there powers during random times. Logan, Chloe, Conner, Brice, Claire, Olivia and River. But somehow they escaped and are on the run. But they are rejected now by the human race. The are the Outcasts.

Now if you know me, you know that I’m bad at explaining things the right way but this is me at my best. Anyways I’m really loving the way this book is going and can’t wait to actually get started.  I guess that’s all I have for now. I think I might even post a draft of my first chapter on here. *Thinks about it* Nah.

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