Newell Nation on HotTalk Radio Shift to Live

So today we were on HotTalk Radio to answer the question burning on everyone’s mind: Do we know what causes that and how many do we plan to have?

It was a great show. The host Jana Gamble has been very active in the community especially as it relates to the challenges surrounding Ferguson. I was nervous about being on the radio but it was actually a blast. I was concerned that I couldn’t gauge the audience interest with our story or more importantly jokes. What I realized was it was better cause I couldn’t tell if people weren’t laughing at my jokes..Honestly I was struggling with my pride. I so desperately wanted God to be glorified but I was secretly hoping that someone influential would be listening and by years end we would be on focus on the family…in other words I wanted some glory for myself. I prayed about that fervently by myself and with Rhonda. I guess it worked because when the show started it was the furthest thing from my mind. I was actually hoping no one was listening!

What was most amazing was meeting Bill and Mary Neumann. A part of me thinks the session was less about sharing our story with a radio audience and more about meeting the Neumanns. It would takes pages to explain how God is moving in their lives. They proudly wear the title of “Missionaries to North St. Louis” (Changing Lives Today). They are in a tough neighbor street ministering and running a women’s home. On air BIll challenged men to step up. What impressed me the most is he challenged churches to step up also! Not that race or age matter but they were in their later years of life and white. They aren’t letting age or difference in skin color stand in the way of the gospel. It was incredible. After we got of air they prayed for us and encouraged us greatly. Bill said it’s special to see young people working for the Lord, living as examples for the world, sacrificing for God’s glory. My response to that is always the same: in view of His love how can we not? I do appreciate the encouragement though! We hope to meet with them in the near future.


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