Hello!Welcome back to OOTW SUMMER (EDITION) Since today is Friday we are going dress up a bit with more accessories.Yes the outfit is very cute (and can be replaced with any bottom) Really it’s the accessories that bring it all together.For example; The necklace,sure you could use anything else like a bow necklace, but then it would loose it edgy touch. The shoes ( if you are not allowed to wear heels go with black studded of spike high tops) But if you went with let’s say Pastel colored converse the would give it more of a softer touch. Overall I love the edgy of this outfit!
You can’t really find this shirt any were (unless you make one like this online) But that’s ok! You can replace it any tee ( or tank top…maybe not a crop top lol) You can find the skirt anywhere though 🙂 as for all the accessories,you can find them anywhere! (TRY Forever 21) Thank you so much for reading OOTW SUMMER (EDITION)
C-YA~ Jasmine

Hipster fashion



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