Pearson’s loving us with meals

Marcus and Anne have been so kind to our family. They’ve brought several TIMELY meals. I think I get their general motivation for doing it (they love Jesus) but I would like to know full scope of their heart…why more than one meal? Doesn’t one fulfill the Christian obligation. Anne continues to bring meals. Honestly I think what I want to hear is acknowledgement – they are bona fide missionaries. And if real missionaries acknowledge what we are doing as missional or at least acknowledge that we are somewhere in that lane then I am satisfied. As I write this out I realize how sad that sounds. I believe they are doing this because they love Jesus and they want to support His people…regardless if some of the reason is an investment in what they think is good kingdom work I need to be satisfied with the work God has given me. And realize that regardless of how people perceive the work it’s an assignment from God…and that is enough.

The meal was really good though. Mexican Lasagna with cornbread. Anne is a small lady but boy is she a fierce cook! God is Love. Thank you Marcus and Anne for reminding me.

Anne's Mexican Lasagna

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