Prime and Stash

Today the boys helped primed 400 linear ft of baseboard for the Maple house. They are extremely helpful! It would’ve taken me (Dad) probably two days. With the boys help we knocked it out in an afternoon.

Also had a chance to see Ralph. He was working on the guest room. He’s struggling. It’s been a tough project for him. He asked if we would consider not sinking any more money into Maple and cutting our loses. He asked could we do what God wanted us to do in St. Charles. I think this proposition is mostly frustration but I believe there’s something to that question. I’ve always asked myself if we don’t have a missional, love thy neighbor mindset here what makes me think things are going to be different in the city. Something to pray about!

Rhonda got a truckload of diapers and an offer to join the catholic church I think! Nice lady we meet at Cotton Babies who saw the look of stress on my face and added our family to her prayer list.

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