S/o to It Takes a Village

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s/o to It Takes a Village. Our youngest child is so near and dear to us, is so special, and loved by all but we needed just a little time away from him. It Takes a Village helped us feel comfortable with the hard decision to leave our innocence, utterly dependent little one in their highly capable hands. We called 1 hour into our date expecting to hear chaos but to our surprise we could hear our little guy gleefully singing in the background. For a moment I considered going back because I thought maybe he felt abandoned and was already coping with a very a grim situation. Somehow the staff at It Takes a Village could sense my despair and put our sweet little boy on the phone. And then I heard him say “Hi Daddy”…..It is well, it is well with my soul then became the anthem of my heart. Well done It Takes a Village…Well Done! I now speak to the parent who lives in the tension between believing only you can provide adequate care for your child but you know you need some time away. There is a solution and that solution is It Takes a Village Child Care service. Come taste and see that this is good!!

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