Thanksgiving Meal from God!

So this is getting a little out of hand. We were not going to make Thanksgiving and didn’t ask anyone for a meal either. The kids old therapist Mrs. Carol and her husband decided to bring us Thanksgiving dinner a day before Thanksgiving. God is so so good. The food was great. We had a chance to fellowship and they prayed over us. They blessed the house and asked God to help us be a lighthouse in the community. I love that picture that develops in my mind when I think about that.

Here a short video of the kids thanking the Carol family just before Thanksgiving dinner. And pictures from games we played before the meal.





Just before the Carol’s came over we decided to make our rounds handing pies in the neighborhood. We had a chance to spend time with the Baum’s, St. Pierre’s, and Sipes’. Great conversation and awesome people. They were all saying they were supposed to bring us pie – in the words of one of my favorite Christian rappers Tedashii – everything’s in reverse. In God’s kingdom things are often in reverse.

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