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Hello everybody! my name is CAMTHEMAN but you can call me CAMTHEMAN for short :).I just recently finished UNGIFTED by Gordon Korman,UNSTOPPABLE by Tim Green and FIRST TEAM by Tim Green as well.All three of them are great books!I’m going to get DEEP ZONE by Tim Green from the library.Lately I’ve been craving Tim Green for some reason.(Duh He makes sports books!)Football camp just ended recently,but it was a great and fun experience:).I’ve been working out since Monday and will continue to until the next football camp comes up, that way when i go back I’ll be better then ever!God has been so great to this family, words cant explain.ILOVE GOD!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                             Well that’s it for now…….Signing out                                                                                                  CAMTHEMAN!

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