Words of a 12 year old

Found this on my laptop today!! This is so funny to me!

Sometimes I fell like things are is unfair my sister(she is four) gets to sleepover but not me I’m 12 years old I’m trusted with watching all 7 kids and taking care of baby but not go over to someone else house! I don’t understand one minuet it’s oh thank you are sooooo responsible then no you’re not allowed to do that! they sometimes treat me like I’m Caleb!!!!!!!! Why I that? I HAVE NO IDEA. Yeah I know some of my bff’s don’t act the way my ‘rents want them too but it’s not like I will not tell what’s going on in my life! I can tell them anything and the Skaggs are trusted and so are there kids know how am I d grandma and then the say sure yeah let’s let the girl we barley trust go with someone else! YES I UNDERSTAND THAT MY SISTER IS A LOT FOR MY GRANDMA BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? Other than say home and do nothing ………..well that is not entirely true but what do I think we are going to do? Well I have no clue sure let her go have fun with the Skaggs so I can’t be there to chaperone her? But you let me watch her at home all I HAVE TO SAY IS REALLY? I am thankful for my privileges that I get but some this seems unfair………..they make seem like I’m going to slow the Skaggs down! That is not true at all will the make up their minds about me……I’m very confused I hope I’ll find the answer soon..


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