Zapata’s and Tillman’s come for a visit

The Zapata’s came yesterday and brought dinner! The Lord CONTINUES to be gracious to our family through meals. They stayed talked, watched a little football with us, and watched the debut of our short film…”The Last Pop Tart”. That will posted soon in the video section.

The Tillman’s surprised us with a visit today. We talked a for a couple hours..just got caught up. Deanne really encouraged Rhonda, I said some awkward things..I have no idea why – so no thing has changed! Anyway I love Jeremy, Deanne and E (the baby) who just turned 1! He played with the kids and offered me some his snacks. What was really cute was he would crush up the snacks and then offer them to me. I guess he thought it was better that way! Deanne also gave Rhonda a baby wrap…she wasn’t able to try it on so I had to do what I had to do!

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